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Men in meetingA successful supply chain requires continuous improvement. Working from spreadsheets or with archaic software not only slows improvements – it prevents smooth day-to-day operations. Triple Point Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) combines collaborative and integrated planning, optimization, monitoring, and response to address the unique challenges found in managing complex process industry supply chains.

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Gain Visibility into Your Global Supply Chain

Supply chain executives struggle with a lack of real-time information on material flows, inventory positions and customer demand. Critical decisions must be made to accommodate changes in the production schedule and react to unplanned events. Without a clear, up-to-date snapshot of supply chain status these decisions can have undesirable consequences and cost valuable time and money downstream.

Triple Point for Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling provides real-time visibility across the entire supply chain. It assesses your company’s inventory, forecasts, production, distribution, orders, purchasing, finished products, and raw materials to calculate a real-time projection of your supply chain out into the future. A sophisticated Supply Chain Monitor allows you to quickly assess performance of all SKUs over time. The Supply Chain Monitor also supports what-if planning for assessing the impact of unplanned events.

Optimize Sourcing

Successful procurement of raw materials – bought at the best price in just the right amount – is essential to keep your demand-driven supply network running smoothly. Triple Point SCO delivers the ability to constantly re-evaluate and improve purchasing activities so your organization can adapt to changing market forces. Powerful forecasting and planning tools support the development of long-term, stable plans essential to taking advantage of strategic purchasing opportunities. The solution takes an all-in-one look at inventory projections, order status, planned production and material movements across all products. This allows you to identify and quantify the trade-offs implicit in each option available and determine optimal policies for product frequency, cycle length and production campaign length, as well as target levels for cycle and safety-stock inventories.

Ensure Highly Accurate Demand Forecasting

Managing demand effectively is fundamental to maintaining an optimized supply chain. A poor demand plan negatively impacts all of the downstream decisions. Accurate prediction and timely fulfillment of demand are essential to success.

Triple Point for Demand Planning & Collaboration creates highly-accurate sales forecasts that drive improved efficiency in a variety of business processes including supply/demand balancing, sales and operations planning, and production scheduling. It employs both a statistical and collaborative forecasting process to create the most precise forecast possible. This results in higher customer service levels and lower inventory levels by enabling optimized production and shipping decisions based on accurate data.

Facilitate Effective Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a best practice management methodology that ensures supply and demand plans are balanced and synchronized, and that inventory and financial goals are met. However, many companies struggle to implement an effective process due to numerous factors including siloed systems and a lack of optimization capabilities.

Triple Point for Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) allows you to create and manage an optimized, updated S&OP plan by leveraging an integrated environment of collaboration, reporting, and analysis. It provides a simulation and optimization environment to create an S&OP plan that takes into account product demand, inventory targets, manufacturing capacities, and supply chain constraints. Triple Point S&OP supports a collaborative planning environment that empowers companies to understand the true profitability implications of plan options by fully integrating operational planning and financial planning.

Maintain Balanced Production Planning and Scheduling

In manufacturing you need to quickly respond to changing conditions, fluctuating costs, and customer demand. This requires end-to-end visibility into factors that drive performance — such as cash-to-cash cycle times, overall supply chain cost, and the quality of your order fulfillment. With Triple Point SCO, you can rapidly identify problems before they occur and take improvement actions such as repositioning inventories and altering production schedules. The solution provides clear visibility into demand, which allows you to meet organizational and manufacturing objectives while minimizing the impact of disruptions.

Reduce Distribution Costs

Exceptional service depends on having the right inventory in the right place at the right time. However, extended global networks with multiple warehouses, terminals, and customer-sidings, along with ever-increasing product ranges are making the task of delivering on-time and in-full a deceivingly difficult process. Triple Point for Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling (SCPS) delivers the information you need to achieve minimal distribution costs while maximizing profitability. It provides the powerful tools needed to develop timely, accurate forecasts, and optimizes inventory management by calculating safety stock recommendations based on targeted customer service levels. It also compares optimum inventory levels to anticipated inventory levels based on current supply chain management policies. In addition, Triple Point SCPS coordinates interrelated logistic decisions such as capacity and service balancing across rail, truck, pipeline, and marine movements.

Be Prepared to Manage Unplanned Events

Supply chain professionals regularly encounter disruptions and unplanned events, requiring plan changes that could negatively impact the bottom line. Without scenario planning to explore options and identify the most profitable response, your organization could be caught unprepared when facing an unforeseen event. Triple Point SCO provides the ability to pre-plan, react and recover from unplanned events by taking into account business operations, priorities, production facilities, and product lines. An intuitive interface and rapid recalculation capabilities shorten the amount of time involved in creating and executing recovery plans. Triple Point SCO lets you recover quickly with the least disruption and lowest impact to your bottom line.

Improve Customer Service

Customers expect on-time / in-full delivery at the best price—or they will go elsewhere. Triple Point SCO delivers the ability to plan an appropriate response to demand so your company meets customer needs while producing and distributing materials profitably. It allows real-time inventory synchronization and analytic support for intelligent order-taking. A unique Order Promising solution provides highly accurate order promising capabilities that evaluate all fulfillment options including alternate sources, re-packaging, and grades. Triple Point SCO ensures that you have clean, relevant, and timely information at your fingertips so that customer issues can be addressed faster, leading to a higher degree of satisfaction and overall retention.

Track Performance KPIs

Increased globalization, volatility in demand and commodity costs, regulatory requirements, and greater dependency on suppliers and other partners have significantly increased the risk of doing business. Knowing your inventory positions, delivery dates, and fill rates is not enough. You must also understand the impact of supply chain changes on total cost or cash flow and optimize supply chain effectiveness for better corporate results. This requires end-to-end visibility into factors that drive performance – such as cash-to-cash cycle times, overall supply chain cost, and the quality of your order fulfillment.

Triple Point SCO offers an advanced Management Dashboard that provides executives with key performance indicators (KPIs) enabling rapid assessment of supply chain operations. The Dashboard employs an intuitive interface that enables smarter, faster decision-making by delivering real-time supply chain data that supports trend analysis, regression analysis, and spot reporting. By providing an accurate measure of where you stand in relation to your supply chain goals, the Dashboard helps you easily identify potential bottlenecks and ways to overcome them.

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