Small- and Medium-sized Businesses

The size of solution you require

Commodities Trading Software Solutions for Companies of All Sizes


Triple Point provides a software solution sized to virtually any business involved in trading, risk management and logistics of commodities. Whether you are a small- to mid-sized company, we have the solution for your needs.

  • From small trading desks up through the world’s largest multi-commodity trading companies, Triple Point delivers the right solution.”

Triple Point provides the tools on which the market leaders rely, at a price point that works for small- to mid-sized organizations. With the right size Triple Point solution, you have the ability to:

  • Measure your risk in real-time
  • Combine physical and derivatives trading in a single portfolio
  • Access information across the organization in a timely manner
  • Capture and report the effect of all costs on your position
  • Enforce consistent rules for marking positions and taking profits
  • Free up more time for profit-generating activity

We work with you to install the commodities trading software on your system and integrate it with your internal and third-party software operations.

Whatever your size of business, you can benefit from a properly configured Commodity XL® solution that works across multi-commodities from the front-, to middle-, to back-office.

To determine the delivery method that meets your particular needs, request more information or call +