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ETRM Software

ETRM ManTriple Point’s flagship energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software, Commodity XL®, is the only ETRM software that works across multiple commodities in real-time from the front- through the back-office. It delivers unparalleled functionality for addressing the energy market’s top challenges including price volatility, regulatory compliance, and enterprise risk management.

Commodity XL meets all of the requirements for supply, trading, marketing, logistics, scheduling, shipping, risk management, and accounting in today’s complex environment. Its advanced architecture enables it to be configured rapidly and efficiently to meet customer requirements, while other solutions typically require extensive customization.


Enterprise Risk Management

Commodity XL is uniquely positioned to manage the key areas of exposure — market risk, operational risk, counterparty credit risk and regulatory risk — on a single, tightly integrated platform.

Multi-Commodity Platform

Commodity XL was designed from the start to be commodity agnostic. It is a real-time, multi-commodity platform for commodities including power, coal, gas, oil, agriculture, emissions, biofuels, freight and metals.

Business Intelligence

Commodity XL delivers advanced business intelligence for proactive decision-making in a market where every second counts. Key tools include Management Dashboard™, dynamic reporting and modeling, and P/L attribution.

Straight-Through Processing

Commodity XL extends STP capabilities to external entities and counterparties, eliminating data re-entry and human error for improved operational risk management.  STP enables proactive decision-making and lower transaction costs.

Compliance and Control

Commodity XL provides one version of the ‘numbers’ across divisions, products and geographies and documents every change to the system for audit purposes.


Commodity XL is the only solution that manages commercial vessel operations on a common platform to better manage enterprise exposure.


Commodity XL’s sophisticated next-generation platform is built on Triple Point’s n-tiered, Java EE compliant, Web-enabled, highly flexible and scalable technology architecture.


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