The Commodity Management Solution

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The Commodity Procurement Solution – CXL

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Raw Material, Energy and Commodity Procurement

Organizations recognize that higher and more volatile prices for energy, raw materials and commodities can harm to profitability, shareholder value, and credibility with analysts. Companies in industries such as consumer products, chemicals, retail and automotive are adopting the same sophisticated commodity management systems that energy and commodity trading organizations have deployed from Triple Point for years.

The traditional methods of handling rising raw material and energy costs, such as substituting cheaper materials in products and raising prices, might prove necessary but do not take advantage of commodity management best practices to optimize margins. For organizations to be successful, the approach used by the Purchasing Department must be revamped from static “buy to budget” to a more proactive “market-based” procurement and risk management program.

Commodity Procurement Solution


Commodity XL™ is the leading commodity and enterprise risk management solution for procurement to balance between profitable purchasing, coverage requirements, supply chain movements, risk management policies, and accounting regulations in today’s volatile and complex environment.

Integrated Demand Planning

CXL Strategic Planning and Procurement™ (SPP) manages, measures, analyzes, and reports supply coverage against the demand plan at both roll-up and granular levels. SPP maps hedge gains, losses, and costs to commodity purchases to understand and analyze the “true” P&L of finished products.

Price Risk Management

CXL provides sophisticated tools for portfolio stress testing and sensitivity analysis to run what-if scenarios. Commodity XL analyzes real-time position and exposure — market, volumetric, credit, delivery, and FX risk — at granular and rolled-up levels for optimized price risk management.

Supplier Risk Management

CXL for Supplier Management™ proactively measures, manages, and mitigates the risk arising from supplier default and addresses the entire supplier risk process with a full range of analysis tools.

Chartering and Vessel Operations

Chartering and VesselOps™ provides the leading software for owners, operators, and charterers to manage commercial chartering and vessel operations. Chartering and VesselOps efficiently handles all chartering, post-fixture activities including freight risk management, and financial aspects of commercial vessel operations.

Hedge Accounting

CXL for Hedge Accounting™ manages the daunting set of requirements under hedge accounting regulations, including the detailed testing, documentation, and reporting that must be performed in order to qualify for hedge accounting status. The solution ensures full compliance with ASC 815 (FAS 133), ASC 815-10 (FAS 161), IAS 39 (IFRS 9) and similar national hedge accounting regulations.

Fair Value Disclosure

CXL for Fair Value Disclosure™ provides the tools and framework to define, measure, and manage fair value levels and meet all disclosure requirements for ASC 820 (FAS 157) and IFRS 7 compliance.

CXL – The Complete Solution for Commodity Procurement

CXL provides an enterprise view of position, coverage, and risk for increased transparency and manages multiple commodities on an integrated platform. It delivers superior, real-time business intelligence for proactive decision-making and competitive advantage.

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