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Commodity XL® – The Leading Commodity/Energy Trading and Risk Management Architecture

Mike Ravo

  • At Triple Point we have always prided ourselves on delivering the most advanced architecture possible in order to ensure our clients are one step ahead of their competitors. We use an open, standards-based solution that is the fastest and most scalable platform available today and has the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s demands.”
    Mike Ravo
    Senior Vice President, Industry Solutions, Triple Point Technology


Commodity XL Architecture – The Complete Solution on a Single Platform

Commodity XL utilizes a standardized, component-based architecture to drive the fastest, most efficient throughput. It handles enormous volumes of data from a wide variety of sources. The architecture enables the control of data granularity down to the month, day, hour or sub-hour. It delivers 24×7 availability. Commodity XL’s architecture allows the plugging in of additional commodities on demand with no changes to the core platform. It achieves the lowest TCO – and maximum profitability.

The Most Advanced Multi-Commodity Architecture Available Today

The sophisticated, next-generation Commodity XL platform is built on Triple Point’s n-tiered, Java EE compliant, Web-enabled, highly flexible and scalable technology architecture. It offers super-fast processing that allows real-time valuation and position reporting for large transaction volumes. It provides concurrency across hundreds of users, Internet deployability, customizable desktops and reporting, and open access via platform independence and native XML messaging. It quickly integrates with any operating system, application server, middleware or database.

The architectural features underlying the Commodity XL platform utilize the latest technology available, standardized to give you ultimate flexibility and ease of maintenance at the lowest TCO. Commodity XL integrates seamlessly into your overall IT environment, delivering the highest level of performance to optimize your business-and your bottom line.

Technology Architecture – Key Features:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) / Web Services
  • Grid computing & distributed processing
  • Quick & easy integration via native XML & SOAP messaging
  • Component-based, open access, N-tiered
  • Maximum scalability – vertical & horizontal
  • Persistent messaging for the highest availability
  • Complete security & reliability for total control & compliance
  • Platform independence – middleware & database
  • Multi-client support for maximum end-user flexibility
  • Centralized data warehouse & relational data model

Architecture Fact Sheet – For more details about these Triple Point Commodity XL’s architectural features, read our Architecture Fact Sheet.

How to get started – To learn more about how Triple Point Commodity XL’s component-based architecture can give you a single integrated solution for multi-commodity trading and risk management, download a brochure, request more information or call +