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Oracle Engineered Systems and Triple Point: Successful Volatility Management for Commodities

Today’s volatile commodity markets require advanced solutions that empower smarter, faster decision-making by rapidly analyzing the huge quantities of data generated by day-to-day operations. This eBook explores how Oracle and Triple Point help oil and agriculture companies mitigate commodity price risk and optimize an end-to-end commodity value chain with real-time tools on a lightning-fast hardware platform.

Here are highlights of what you’ll learn:

  • How Triple Point and Oracle help exploration & production companies, oil marketers, and refiners to achieve balance between profitable trading, marketing, scheduling, logistics and risk management
  • How agriculture companies can implement a fully integrated, end-to-end multi-commodity system that manages the complete supply chain including farm origination, aggregation, processing, trading, import/export and local distribution
  • How the pre-integrated Triple Point-Oracle solution delivers record performance levels and unsurpassed reliability at the lowest cost