Commodity XL Xchange

Seamlessly integrate with leading commodity exchanges for true STP

Commodity XL – Commodity & Energy Trading Software Integrated with Exchanges

XChange BusinessmanCan your system handle rapidly expanding trade volumes with ICE and NYMEX?

Does it deliver straight-through processing from exchange trade execution through scheduling and the back office?

Do you have seamless connectivity from the exchanges to a single, real-time, multi-commodity platform?

  • Commodity XL Xchange™ frees traders to focus on profit opportunities…”

Business Intelligence

  • Seamlessly connect with ICE, NYMEX & other leading commodity exchanges
  • Ensure traders, risk managers, schedulers & back-office all have the same up-to-the-second information
  • Spend more time analyzing the market & less time handling paperwork
  • Improve error resolution
  • Free traders to focus on market opportunities

Integrated Operations

  • Automatically populate full exchange trade details directly into Commodity XL
  • Achieve straight-through processing from exchange trade execution to risk management, scheduling & back-office processes
  • Eliminate data re-entry & accompanying costs
  • Remove chance of duplicate trades
  • Streamline checkout & reconciliation requirements

Compliance & Control

  • Access full audit trails of all trade changes
  • Perform error checking & disaster recovery
  • Provide error notification with smart routing via email
  • Use control checks for previously executed & loaded trades
  • Improve accuracy & enhance compliance & control

True End-to-End Commodity Trading Through Major Exchanges

Triple Point’s Commodity XL Xchange integration module provides real-time, straight-through processing (STP) from exchange trade execution to all Commodity XL functions including risk management, scheduling and the back-office. Get scalability for even the largest transaction volumes with ICE, NYMEX and more. Eliminate re-keying of trades into multiple systems. Remove the chance of duplicate trades. Improve error resolution with smart routing. Reduce checkout requirements. Spend more time analyzing the market and less time handling paperwork. The bottom line: Improve overall trader performance and profitability.

To learn more, read our CommodityXL Xchange Fact Sheet.

After rigorous testing & verification, Commodity XL Xchange achieved ICE & NYMEX certification, ensuring the seamless transmission of accurate, real-time trade information from the exchanges directly into Commodity XL.

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