Supply Chain Planning and Optimization Modules

Optional Additions to Triple Point Supply Chain Optimization

Optional Supply Chain Planning Modules to Enhance Product Functionality

A number of optional modules are available for integration with Supply Chain Optimization:

WAM Supply Chain Planning chart

  • Management Dashboard: Enables smarter, faster decision making by delivering real-time supply chain data via a graphical Web-based interface. Supports trend analysis, regression analysis, and spot reporting. Advanced, interactive reports provide alerts for outliers, urgent issues, and opportunities.
  • Demand Analytics: Leverages a multi-tier tournament of forecasting models to determine the best fit and most accurate initial forecast. This seeds the process with a highly accurate baseline forecast that is adjusted by the demand planning team as they collaboratively drive toward the final consensus forecast.
  • Systems Connect: Supports two-way, periodic, or real-time interfaces with leading ERP, MES, and CRM systems.
  • Financial Optimization: Enables maximum profitability by suggesting plan changes that will result in optimized financials.
  • Dynamic Schedule Optimization: Ascertains optimal production plans in cyclical production environments. Determines ideal cycle characteristics such as cycle length, product sequence, and frequency, and considers variable production costs such as product-to-product transitions and off-grade production.
  • Distribution Scheduling: Streamlines operations and minimizes logistics penalties by modeling the finite capacity constraints involved in supply chain logistics including loading/unloading, vessels, pipelines, compartments, railcars, barges, trucks, and international marine cargoes.

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