PhysOps 'Visual Cockpit'

Controls the movement and storage of bulk commodities

PhysOps ‘Visual Cockpit’ – Commodity Trading and Logistics Software

PhysOps PersonCan I manage the logistical and financial complexities of waterborne and overland commodity shipments?

Do I have seamless integration with all power trading and back-office operations?

Can I manage and control operational risks, logistics issues and administrative costs of shipments worldwide?

  • Triple Point PhysOps ‘Visual Cockpit’™ delivers the answers…”

Business Intelligence

  • View schedules in visual format
  • Incorporate seagoing vessel, barge, truck, railcar, pipeline
  • Manage operational risks
  • Use ‘what if’ analysis of options
  • Integrate shipping feeds

Integrated Operations

  • Find every detail on a single screen
  • Streamline information up & down supply chain
  • Schedule crude oil, petroleum products, coal, metals, softs, more
  • Oversee shipments in real-time
  • Help schedulers plan, conduct & optimize shipments

Compliance & Control

  • Manage operational risks
  • Conduct sensitivity analysis & stress tests
  • Make scheduling more efficient and profitable
  • Comply with all regulatory reporting
  • Monitor & control risk management

Support for All Physical Commodities Handling

Managing physical shipments is crucial to the profitability of any company involved in physical trading. Triple Point’s Commodity XL PhysOps ‘Visual Cockpit’ helps schedulers plan, conduct and optimize shipments in real-time on a single screen. PhysOps ‘Visual Cockpit’ integrates with Commodity XL, moving trading information automatically to schedulers, risk managers and administrators – delivering the complete, front-to-back office solution for physical commodity trading organizations. Better measure risk and credit. Complete timely actions concerning price, volume, scheduling and operations. Streamline the entire value chain including supply, trading, marketing, physical operations and logistics. Strengthen corporate accounting and controls with full regulatory compliance.

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