Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling

Global Visibility, Flexibility, and Control Over Tactical Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling Software
for the Process Industry

WAM Supply Chain Planning manCan you plan a profitable supply network accounting for increasing globalization, expanding product portfolios, and fluctuating customer demand?

Can you rapidly identify problems, assess their impact, and take corrective action by repositioning inventories and altering production schedules?

Can you develop optimal production plans based on inventory requirements, product frequency, and cycle and campaign lengths?

  • Triple Point for Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling enables real-time, enterprise-wide visibility into all aspects of the supply chain and delivers powerful optimization capabilities that drive accurate planning, maximize profitability, and improve productivity.”


Business Intelligence

  • View real-time information on material flows, inventory positions, and customer demand
  • See the impact of unplanned events, plant shutdowns, and transportation problems
  • Quickly identify and manage pending inventory and raw material shortages

Integrated Operations

  • Leverage a fully-integrated suite of planning and optimization modules
  • Obtain unparalleled visibility into all aspects of the supply chain on one display
  • Integrate with the world’s leading data solutions, including SAP®

Compliance & Control

  • Enable continuous updating of plans in response to business demands and unplanned events
  • Deliver enterprise-wide visibility and access to accurate, timely data
  • Support highly accurate estimations for available-to-ship dates for customer orders and stock transfers

Optimize an end-to-end process supply chain

Triple Point for Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling (SCPS) optimizes and streamlines the supply chain planning process with powerful procurement scheduling, production scheduling, and replenishment planning functionality. Triple Point SCPS includes a highly graphical, intuitive Supply Chain Monitor, which analyzes all interactions between current inventory levels, orders, sales forecasts, purchases, and production schedules to create a visual simulation of your supply chain inventory positions over any desired planning horizon.

  • Procurement Scheduling: Create procurement requirements for all raw materials as production schedules are developed. Calculate daily time-phased raw material needs and recommend purchase/procurement orders, integrate raw material planning with production scheduling, receive exception notifications of pending intermediate and raw material stockouts, and more.
  • Production Scheduling: Leverage robust simulation capabilities that create optimized candidate schedules by enabling modification of key operating parameters such as product transitions, equipment rates, and yield values. Schedule changes are automatically incorporated into the included Supply Chain Monitor, allowing schedulers to immediately determine feasibility and effectiveness.
  • Replenishment Planning: Use product formulations and replenishment algorithms to compute and recommend just-in-time replenishment orders for raw materials that consider the lead time and typical lot size from each supplier. Raw material inventories and replenishment orders are automatically linked to a supply chain simulator so that if production schedule changes render raw material plans infeasible, optimal replenishment will be automatically re-planned.

Triple Point SCPS also calculates safety stock recommendations based on targeted customer service levels, and  compares optimum inventory levels to anticipated inventory levels based on current supply chain management policies. In addition, the solution provides highly accurate available-to-promise (ATP) capabilities by synthesizing inventory, production schedules, orders, and forecasts to compute availability for any moment in the future. Optional add-on modules for Triple Point SCPS include:

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