Commodity XL Strategic Planning and Procurement (SPP)

Solution for Supply and Demand Planning

Commodity XL – Raw Material and Energy Planning, Sourcing, and Coverage Software

SPP PersonCan you look across alternative deals including sourcing alternatives, associated transport outlays, and plant operation costs to determine the best transaction?

Do you have simulation modeling of scenarios and real-time business intelligence to support decision making?

Can your systems manage, measure, analyze, and report coverage for an integrated physical and economic plan?

  • SPP is the only software solution that can measure profit and loss against both the market and budget to determine true operational performance…”

Business Intelligence

  • Simulate impact of market changes to plan
  • Measure impact of plan changes to coverage and budget
  • Deliver real-time reporting
  • Provide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Determine best deal structure across supply chain

Integrated Operations

  • Integrate supply, forecasted demand, and trading plan
  • Manage integrated logistics — vessel, barge, pipeline, truck, railcar, etc.
  • Review forecast with physical trading position
  • Allocate derivative to a hedge period
  • Support “link” to hedge pool, plan, or more precise forecast allocations

Compliance & Control

  • Capture projected costs with forecasted quantities
  • Break down to component prices (e.g., Futures, Basis, Freight, Credits, etc.)
  • Provide budget variance and impact reporting
  • Assess projected variances based on current market data
  • Deliver “look back” to understand changes and drivers from version to version

Commodity XL Strategic Planning and Procurement

Commodity XL Strategic Planning and Procurement is a revolutionary leap forward in the management, measurement, and analysis of supply and demand planning and operations. SPP has the sophisticated analysis and reporting tools to manage commodity coverage in the fast-changing, complex commodities markets. Strategic Planning and Procurement is the only software product that provides a “market-based,” “source-to-cash” commodity supply chain solution for power, gas, bulk, liquid, and packaged commodities.
SPP Diagram

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