Commodity XL SMS3D

3D Stockpile Management

Commodity XL SMS3D – Accurate stockpile management for coal and mineral mining

SMS3D PersonAre costly out-of-specification quality penalties hurting your profitability?

Do you have accurate grade and tonnage predictions to plan and schedule downstream operational and logistics activities?

Is your predicted reclaimed quantity accurate?

  • Commodity XL SMS3D enables proactive grade management and optimizes process plant configuration, blend planning and reclamation/load planning”

Business Intelligence

  • Monitor current and forecast stockpile balance in real-time
  • Utilize 3D visualization including contours, cut-throughs, pad rotations, cross and long sections
  • Forecast grade and tonnage
  • Predict where material will be stacked and claimed
  • Apply advanced what-if planning

Integrated Operations

  • Support truck and rail dumping, stackers, dozer push, reclaimers, storage bins, and underground valves
  • Track stockpile by tonnage and grade in real-time
  • Model stockpile accurately with advanced algorithms
  • Achieve an accurate blend from the stockyard
  • Interface with plant and mobile equipment

Compliance & Control

  • Automate stockpile reconciliation
  • Identify out-of-specification quality issues before it is too late
  • Deliver accurate blend plans
  • Provide stockpile reconciliation
  • Generate accurate and timely management reports

Commodity XL SMS3D

Commodity XL SMS3D tracks and visualizes parcels of material in three dimensional space. It dynamically models stockpile tonnages, grade and value, in real-time to enable proactive grade management and optimize process plant configuration, blend planning and reclamation/load planning. SMS3D delivers extremely accurate tonnage and quality forecasts.  It simplifies blend planning to ensure bulk commodity deliveries are within specification.

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