Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Create and Maintain Feasible, Profitable Plans Driving High Performance

S&OP Software for the Process Industry

Asian BusinesswomanCan you maintain an up-to-date S&OP plan that is optimized to drive high performance throughout your enterprise?

Does your planning process fully integrate operational planning, scenario management, and financial planning?

Can you conduct what-if analyses and view plan results and variances at any time?

  • Triple Point for Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) provides a powerful platform for creating and maintaining a sales and operations plan that leverages advanced simulation and optimization functionality to achieve high performance across the value chain.”


Business Intelligence

  • Determine rapidly what portion of a forecast is feasible to produce, and what product mix is most profitable
  • Leverage advanced optimization technology to identify opportunities to increase profitability
  • Calculate safety stock recommendations based on targeted customer service levels

Integrated Operations

  • Leverage a powerful optimization engine that develops production plans maximizing profitability
  • Connect operational planning and financial planning capabilities
  • Integrate with the world’s leading data solutions, including SAP®

Compliance & Control

  • Enable continuous updating of plans in response to business demands and unplanned events
  • Deliver enterprise-wide visibility and access to accurate, timely data
  • Understand the tactical and strategic initiatives that must be executed to achieve plan

Drive High Performance with an Optimized Enterprise Sales and Operations Plan

Triple Point for Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is the most comprehensive and advanced solution for creating an optimized enterprise sales and operations plan driving high performance and maximum profitability.  Triple Point S&OP supports a collaborative planning environment that empowers companies to understand the true profitability implications of plan options by fully integrating operational planning and financial planning. Product demand, inventory targets, manufacturing capacities, and supply chain constraints guide the creation of highly accurate plans. A sophisticated optimization engine provides a means of rapidly determining not only what portion of a forecast is feasible to produce, but what product mix is most profitable to produce.

Triple Point S&OP includes advanced supply chain modeling, collaboration, reporting, and analysis tools for smarter, faster decisions. Plans can be easily updated at any time in response to dynamic market conditions while maintaining a continual comparison of actual performance against plan. Optional add-on modules include:


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