Commodity XL for Precious Metals

The complete solution on a single platform

Precious Metals Trading Software – Enterprise and Retail

Precious Metals PersonDoes my system offer integrated trading, risk management & delivery logistics for precious metals on a single platform?

Can I effectively manage precious metal stocks throughout my various centers, vaults & product categories for both my retail and enterprise operations?

Do I have the proper controls to meet organizational security & compliance needs?

  • Commodity XL for Precious Metals™ offers a real-time solution for integrated trading and logistics and supports a robust regulatory management and compliance program…”

Business Intelligence

  • Profitably manage physical & financial trading of gold, silver, platinum & any other precious metal bullion
  • Gain competitive advantage with superior stock & inventory management
  • Monitor real-time client exposure by trading position, customer limits, gaps & stock levels
  • View trader profitability on any product or currency for any time period
  • Monitor retails sales by geography with drill-down features

Integrated Operations

  • Process all front, middle & back office transactions on a single platform
  • Create & handle all documentation including deal confirmations, delivery orders, invoices & settlements
  • Manage physical delivery of precious metals out of consignment & owned stock
  • Maintain physical & logical stocks separately at various centers
  • Manage large-scale retail inventory through hub-and-spoke model

Compliance & Control

  • Establish net trading position limits with warning triggers for individual products & currencies
  • Monitor trade books for outright price risk as well as gaps in forward maturities
  • View stock level & movement reports by transaction date or value
  • Regulatory compliance documentation is automated as part of workflow
  • Maintain client limits through real-time MTM of customer exposure & collateral management

The Solution for Precious Metals Trading & Logistics, Risk & Compliance

Commodity XL for Precious Metals is Triple Point’s integrated, real-time solution for effectively managing both the enterprise and retail precious metals markets on a single platform. Enterprise: Commodity XL for Precious Metals caters to the treasury bullion business and presents an integrated approach to physicals, forwards and loans. It monitors client exposure and margins in real-time and supports a robust risk management and regulatory compliance program. Retail: Commodity XL is the only software solution that provides seamless integration between supplier trading and retail bank operations, sophisticated inventory management from central consignment to point-of-sale, tracking sales and sales performance.

Include Physical Scheduling in your metals trading solution.

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