Commodity XL for Power

Handles the intricacies of power trading and scheduling

Commodity XL – Power Trading and Scheduling Solution

Power PersonDo I have the business intelligence available to make the best trading, scheduling, and power supply decisions?

Am I getting the most productivity from my operations?

Can I satisfy strict regulatory audit requirements?

  • Commodity XL for Power™ provides what you need…”

Business Intelligence

  • Perform better trading – ‘what if’ analysis
  • Automate ‘root-cause’ identification of changes to P&L
  • Tie to market data & feeds
  • Manage position and exposure in real-time
  • Maintain visibility to load serving obligations & generation assets

Integrated Operations

  • Eliminate silos of information
  • Integrate trading, scheduling, back-office
  • Work with hourly granularity
  • Automate confirmation and settlement
  • Manage tags
  • Communicate with ISOs

Compliance & Control

  • Track risk mgt. models – price, outage rates, credit, volumetric, demand
  • Perform sensitivity analysis & stress tests
  • Manage cash flow
  • Satisfy SOX & FAS 133/IAS 39 compliance
  • Tightly manage counterparty credit

Improves Results in Today’s Volatile Power Market

Improve trading, scheduling and operations. Know your risk and credit positions and make immediate adjustments. Take advantage of real-time data and act right away in the highly volatile power sector. Streamline the entire value chain including supply, trading, marketing, and scheduling. Strengthen corporate accounting and controls with full regulatory compliance. Make smarter, better decisions. Realize more profits.

Include Power Scheduling your power trading solution. Triple Point delivers on next-generation architecture – read what that means for you.

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