Power Scheduling 'Visual Cockpit'

Handles the intricacies of power scheduling

Power Scheduling ‘Visual Cockpit’ – Commodity Trading and Power Scheduling Software

Power Scheduling PersonDoes my solution include a complete power scheduling capability?

Can marketers and generators instruct and manage the receipt and delivery of physical energy?

Are settlements and financial charges of energy trades automated?

  • Triple Point answers the need for complete power scheduling…”

Business Intelligence

  • Get the tools you need to participate in deregulated markets
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Manage exposures in real-time
  • Integrate scheduling with power trading analyses
  • Incorporate hourly granularity & other power-specific trading needs

Integrated Operations

  • Automate tagging
  • Interface to RTOs and ISOs
  • Update schedulers’ screens in real-time
  • Make deals available for scheduling upon deal entry
  • Automate the settlement of curtailments

Compliance & Control

  • Monitor positions with pre-testing capabilities
  • Improve regulatory compliance capability
  • Perform sensitivity analysis & stress tests
  • Automate FERC reporting
  • Document checkout

Power Scheduling Delivers for Power Trading Organizations

Use Power Scheduling ‘Visual Cockpit’™ in conjunction with Commodity XL for Power™to improve the full gamut of trading, scheduling and operations. Take advantage of real-time data to act right away in the highly volatile power sector. Strengthen corporate accounting and controls with full regulatory compliance. Make smarter, better decisions. Realize more profits.

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