CXL Pit to Port

Complete coal and mineral supply chain management

CXL Pit to Port – Mining Software

Person Supply Chain OperatorsAre you still trying to manage mining operations on spreadsheets, creating information silos and greater operational risk?

Do you need an integrated view of your business in order to plan and execute mine operations smoothly?

Looking to optimize your coal and mineral supply chain?

  • Commodity XL Pit to Port is the most complete end-to-end mining software solution”

Business Intelligence

  • Optimize pit to customer material delivery
  • Forecast stocks based on quality and tonnage
  • Analyze actual versus forecast versus budget
  • View all commitments, terms and conditions
  • Manage and monitor plans in real-time

Integrated Operations

  • Track shipment details and schedules
  • Automate laytime statements
  • Balance, adjust and model stockpiles
  • Manage materials from mine to point of export
  • Integrate seamlessly with sub systems

Compliance & Control

  • Maintain audit trail on all actions
  • Automate invoicing
  • Track grade and quality variability
  • Eliminate error-prone spreadsheets
  • Provide controls on key corporate processes

CXL Pit to Port

CXL Pit to Port® enables management to plan, record, track, optimize, account, reconcile and report the tonnage, quality and value of bulk materials from mine to point of export or consumption. The system synchronizes operations, logistics, marketing and commercial functions providing a clear and transparent view of export and domestic supply chain operations enabling management to improve operations and maximize profit through the efficient use of resources.

Supply Chain Planning and Optimization

Triple Point’s Supply Chain Solutions deliver a comprehensive set of visualization and decision support tools that address the unique challenges of managing complex metal supply chains. Advanced functionality optimizes every aspect of the supply chain from demand management and distribution planning through production scheduling and sourcing. WAM Supply Chain Solutions provide all the tools required for developing accurate plans that maximize profitability and productivity.

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