Metallurgical Accounting

Automated Data Reconciliation and Metallurgical Accounting for the Mineral Process Industry

Algosys Metallurgical Accountant – Powerful Metal Accounting Tool

Metallurgical Accounting PersonIs your metal accounting system transparent and auditable?

Can you ensure an accurate, timely and compliant close?

Can you trace which ore block(s) are being fed to the plant?

  • Metallurgical Accountant is a powerful metal accounting system for the mineral process industry”


Business Intelligence

  • Provide a single view of production
  • Identify location of metal losses
  • Optimize overall plant performance and recovery
  • Know and trust the quality of your information
  • Define, plan and align performance goals and metrics

Integrated Operations

  • Produce timely production information for monthly financial reporting cycle
  • Calculate royalty payments
  • Reconcile production data
  • Perform mass balance computations
  • Identify sources of measurement variance

Compliance & Control

  • Support proactive risk management
  • Align to AMIRA P754 proposed metallurgical accounting guidelines 
  • Comply with Sarbanes Oxley
  • Capture data changes including date, time, user and reason and increase data integrity
  • Integrate seamlessly with SCADAs, lab instrumentation and other data sources

Algosys Metallurgical Accountant

Algosys Metallurgical Accountant automatically collects, evaluates, reconciles and performs mass balance computations. The system reconciles production data for metallurgical accounting and inventorying purposes, enabling you to identify the precise location of metal losses and optimize plant recovery. It is a complete metal accounting solution that delivers comprehensive, timely and validated information to support decision-making, reduce risk, maximize profitability and ensure compliance.

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