Commodity XL Management Dashboard

Improve executive decision-making with advanced business intelligence tool

Commodity XL – Business Intelligence for Commodity Trading

Management Dashboard PersonDoes my system turn vast amounts of supply chain data into actionable decision-making information?

Can my executives and managers view critical KPIs across the entire business?

Can I monitor trader, business unit and enterprise-wide performance in real-time on a single screen?

  • Commodity XL Management Dashboard™ is a business intelligence breakthrough…”

Business Intelligence

  • Drive smarter, quicker executive decision-making with high-impact visuals
  • Identify new trends & analyze data in new ways
  • Capitalize on an unprecedented tool for strategic decision support
  • Get business insight never before available
  • Improve effectiveness of executives & managers

Integrated Operations

  • Integrate & synthesize vast amounts of supply chain data
  • Turn transaction data into intelligent, actionable decision-making information
  • Supply management with enterprise-wide KPIs on a single screen
  • Measure & monitor key metrics in real-time
  • View timely & accurate information in easy-to-comprehend graphical format

Compliance & Control

  • Monitor trader, business unit & company-wide performance & profitability
  • Assess risk positions across all commodities & geographies
  • Use sophisticated analytic tools to track hedging & risk management effectiveness
  • Combine physical & financial reporting requirements
  • Precisely manage cash flow & profitability

Improved Executive Decision-Making for Increased Profitability

Commodity XL Management Dashboard mines vast amounts of trading, risk and supply chain data to provide unique, insightful analysis to your key decision-makers. Utilize this add-on module to Triple Point’s flagship Commodity XL platform for a real-time graphical depiction of key performance indicators (KPIs) across the entire supply chain. Turn transaction data into actionable information – with high-impact visuals on a single screen. Get the tools you need for better management decision-making at your fingertips. Insight into your business never before available.

View enterprise-wide KPIs on a single screen for better management decision-making.
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