Commodity XL Horizon

Advanced Planning, Scheduling and Optimization Mining Software

Commodity XL Horizon – Supply Chain Optimization for Coal and Mineral Mining and Bulk Materials

Business man folding armsCan you evaluate alternative scenarios in real-time to decide the optimal plan/schedule?

Do you have planning visibility across entire organzation?

Can you solve capacity, inventory, equipment and logistical issues before they occur?

  • Commodity XL Horizon enables complex coal and mineral supply chains to be modeled, planned and optimized simply and efficiently…”

Business Intelligence

  • Optimize inventories and minimize safety stock
  • Utilize real-time heuristics-based solver
  • Determine best schedules and plans based on KPIs
  • Return an automated solution for the proposed plan/schedule within seconds
  • Review graphical visualization of current and proposed plans

Integrated Operations

  • Generate and compare multiple schedules based on alternate KPI driven strategies
  • Assess large number of temporal business rules and constraints
  • Interface seamlessly to Commodity XL Pit to Port and third party systems
  • Respond in real-time to changes in plans
  • Schedule all supply chain movements with highly interactive workbench

Compliance & Control

  • Maintain single repository for all planning and scheduling data
  • Work collaboratively on plan in a secure multi-user environment
  • Monitor resources, assignments, constraint violations and critical indicators
  • Plan for maintenance outages and capacity issues
  • Provides full support for manual schedule construction, automated schedule construction or combinations of both

Commodity XL Horizon

Commodity XL Horizon™ is a supply chain planning, scheduling and optimization system that models, plans and schedules complex bulk supply chains simply and efficiently. Horizon’s advanced engine delivers optimal schedules and plans for the fulfillment of export, import and domestic bulk commodity demand; shipping and berth scheduling; bulk terminal stockyard asset utilization; transportation scheduling; mine product stockyard and process plant efficiency.

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