Commodity XL for Hedge Accounting

Meets all regulatory compliance requirements

Commodity XL – Hedge Accounting Software

Hedge Accounting PersonDo you have an optimal hedging program that complies with ASC 815 (FAS 133), ASC 815-10 (FAS 161), IAS 39 (IFRS 9), CICA 3865, AASB 139 and SAS 133?

Are you using spreadsheets to manage your hedge accounting program?

Do you have the required speed and quality in hedge management reporting?

  • Commodity XL for Hedge Accounting™ meets all regulatory compliance requirements…”

Business Intelligence

  • Forecast earnings at risk, shocking curves by percent or standard deviation
  • See pricing and effectiveness of each hedge
  • Assess affect of market changes on hedge effectiveness
  • Pre-define a variety of hedge objectives
  • Evaluate “what-if” scenarios to determine most profitable hedges
  • Generate reports for each cycle close

Integrated Operations

  • Speed ASC 815 (FAS 133), ASC 815-10 (FAS 161), IAS 39 (IFRS 9), CICA 3865, AASB 139 and SAS 133 reporting
  • Eliminate manual processes and spreadsheet use from hedge management
  • Automate effectiveness testing
  • Use all approved methods to test hedge effectiveness
  • Maintain all documentation, such as hedge objective, type of hedge, description of hedge, type of risk, length of hedge and prospective and retrospective assessments

Compliance & Control

  • Document source of market data used in underlying valuations
  • Document all fair valuing assumptions and models
  • Meet all regulatory reporting requirements
  • Manage cash flow, P&L changes
  • Reclassify changes to earnings and OCI and seamlessly integrate with accounting systems for accurate and timely updates to financial statements
  • Consolidate financial statements into a single currency and ensure compliance with ASC 830 (FAS 52) and IAS 21

Commodity XL for Hedge Accounting

Commodity XL for Hedge Accounting supports a comprehensive risk management program that enables firms to balance optimal economic benefit, risk management and stable financial statements. It provides a single platform to effortlessly ensure compliance with ASC 815 (FAS 133) and IAS 39 (IFRS 9) requirements and other country hedge accounting standards. Powerful analytical functionality including OCI sensitivity analysis, formula curves and backtesting help measure hedge effectiveness and optimize hedging strategies.

Triple Point Hedge Accounting

Available Modules:

  • Commodities
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Interest Rate

Triple Point’s Commodity XL for Hedge Accounting is available on a licensed or Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. The solution is widely used across the energy, commodity trading, consumer products and agricultural industries. Advisory firms, such as Sirius Solutions, also use the solution to manage derivative valuation and hedge reporting on behalf of their clients.

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