Natural Gas Scheduling 'Visual Cockpit'

Central and visual control and scheduling

Gas ‘Visual Cockpit’ – Commodity Trading and Gas Scheduling Software

Gas Scheduling PersonDo I have the most complete solution for my asset-backed physical trading strategies?

Can I manage my natural gas inventories from original trade straight through to final destination points?

Can I monitor balance, capacity and transportation costs on a single screen?

  • Gas Scheduling ‘Visual Cockpit’™ provides the solution…”

Business Intelligence

  • Manage the most complex gas and power scheduling on a single-screen
  • Monitor balance, capacity, transportation costs in one place
  • Integrate information platform for traders, schedulers, back-office
  • Use “what if” analyses for traders & schedulers
  • Integrate shipping data and feeds

Integrated Operations

  • Handle North American scheduling
  • Provide traders, schedulers real-time data according to their preference
  • Integrate seamlessly with Commodity XL for Gas solution
  • Use the same data entered once throughout the organization
  • Help schedulers plan, conduct & optimize shipments

Compliance & Control

  • Make scheduling more efficient & profitable
  • Improve regulatory compliance capability
  • Conduct sensitivity analysis & stress tests
  • Manage counterparty credit
  • Strengthen corporate accounting & controls

Utilize the Full Gas Scheduling Solution

Trading operations can now use ‘Visual Cockpit’ from Triple Point to deliver efficient, profitable scheduling of natural gas. An extension to Triple Point’s Commodity XL for Gas solution line, ‘Visual Cockpit’ provides schedulers with the real-time data they need the way they like to work with it. Improve measurement of risk and take timely action for the best results in price, volume, and operations. Achieve your targeted profit levels.

Statistics of an early ‘Visual Cockpit’ trading customer

  • 14 BCF
  • 210+ users
  • 5,000+ trading locations
  • 175+ pipelines
  • 15+ real-time interfaces to other corporate systems
  • 14,000+ trades per month
  • $3B notional trading value per month
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