Commodity XL for Freight

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Commodity XL – Freight Trading and Derivatives Solution

Person FreightDo I have a freight trading system that fully supports the rapidly growing FFA market?

Are my freight trades captured and distributed in real-time?

Does my system capture the audit trail to meet regulatory requirements?

Business Intelligence

  • Track the physical positions of fleets, cargos, etc.
  • Make freight a standalone business opportunity
  • Integrate freight with multi-commodity positions
  • Interface with Baltic Exchange data
  • Manage position & exposure in real-time

Integrated Operations

  • Schedule physical shipments
  • Hedge trades, reserve freight capacity with derivatives
  • Balance physical & financial trades
  • Eliminate manual handoffs of information
  • Automate confirmation and settlements

Compliance & Control

  • Strengthen corporate accounting & controls
  • Analyze & manage cash flow
  • Use stress testing & ‘what if’ analyses to improve control
  • Tightly manage counterparty credit
  • Comply with SOX, FAS 133/IAS 39 requirements

Get the Results You Need in Today’s Volatile Freight Market

Freight has grown from a cost of doing business to a market opportunity in and of itself. Use freight derivatives to hedge physical positions, and produce improved overall performance. Better measure risk and credit. Complete timely actions concerning price, volume, scheduling and operations. Streamline the entire value chain including supply, trading, marketing, physical operations and logistics. Strengthen corporate accounting and controls with full regulatory compliance.

Include Physical Scheduling in your freight trading solution.
Triple Point delivers on next-generation architecture – read what that means for you.

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