Commodity XL for European Gas

Handles the intricacies of UK and Continental European gas markets

Commodity XL – European Gas Trading Software

Euro Gas PersonDo I have the ability to transport gas between markets with entry/exit and point-to-point system models?

Does my system electronically confirm trades in accordance with EFET standards and help mitigate operational risk?

Can my system take into account different market rules and granularity for trading and physical settlement?

  • Commodity XL for European Gas 7.0™ provides advanced functionality designed to handle the intricacies of the complex European region…”

Business Intelligence

  • See integrated physical & derivative positions
  • Incorporate market price movements
  • View information at every level of the organization /li>
  • Use ‘What-if’ analysis and stress tests to optimize trades
  • Analyze effects of valuations on P&L

Integrated Operations

  • Identify and manage balancing requirements
  • Interface to Gemini and ENOM scheduling systems
  • Gain straight-through processing from trade to delivery
  • Exploit embedded optionality in flexible assets
  • Automate nominations and settlements

Compliance & Control

  • Maintain audit trails for front, middle, and back office
  • Manage counterparty credit risk
  • Execute comprehensive risk mgt. models — price, credit, volumetric, demand, embedded optionality
  • Meet IAS 39/IFRS 7 Hedge Accounting/Disclosure standards and UK GAAP
  • Comply with EFET Standards

Commodity XL for European Gas – Key Functionality:

  • Enhanced support for multi-commodity index pricing for UK and Continental gas trading — create a wide range of formula “templates” for reuse
  • Standard support for common “look-back” rules found in the index pricing of gas to the oil complex
  • Enhanced coverage of gas swing and ToP (Take-or-Pay) contract mechanisms — “building-block” approach for capturing embedded optionality
  • Execution of gas scheduling for both entry/exit and point-to-point delivery regimes
  • Capacity management of gas transportation, interconnector, and entry/exit contracts
  • Alignment of trading, balancing, nomination, and settlement processes for each country/market rules combination
  • Support for trading, balancing, nomination, and settlement at daily and hourly granularity
  • Decomposition of daily positions into hourly equivalents
  • Production and matching of electronic confirmation documentation required under EFET Standards

Commodity XL for European Gas 7.0 provides expanded and integrated functionality across deal capture, pricing, position management, valuation, scheduling, confirmation matching, and settlement for UK and Continental European gas markets. Triple Point’s seamless integration between Commodity XL® and its solution for electronic confirmation management, further facilitates straight-through processing and eliminates integration cost and risk to the customer, all while complying with EFET standards. The European Gas solution is built on Triple Point’s next-generation technology platform and leverages Commodity XL’s base functionality for front, middle, and back office, while augmenting it with localized functionality for the UK and Continental European gas markets.

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