Commodity XL for Emissions

Solution for CO2, NOx and SO2 Emissions Trading, Risk and Inventory Management

Commodity XL – Emissions Trading Software

Emissions PersonAre you able to view allowances in real time – from an enterprise view to granular levels – across all facilities?

Can you identify surpluses or shortfalls to proactively optimize position?

Do you have an automated process to track, manage, analyze, comply and report against regulatory schemes?

  • Commodity XL for Emissions™ provides a complete solution for CO2, NOx and SO2 emissions trading, risk and inventory management…”

Business Intelligence

  • View allowance positions in real-time
  • Run what-if scenarios to enhance abatement strategies
  • Avoid penalties, and profit from trading
  • Monitor permit inventory and vintage year
  • Roll-up or drill-down across all installations

Integrated Operations

  • Automate regulatory reporting
  • Eliminate manual steps with straight-through processing
  • Move from spreadsheet silos to centralized information
  • See shortfall or surplus positions in real time
  • Manage CO2, NOx and SO2 trading on one platform

Compliance & Control

  • Comply and report against regulatory schemes
  • Track and report by any hierarchical structure
  • Avoid penalties for non-compliance
  • Maintain detailed audit trails
  • Utilize what-if analysis to ensure compliance

Commodity XL for Emissions

Commodity XL for Emissions is the only solution that handles the full scope of emissions trading and management across all regulatory schemes on a multi-commodity platform. It is the most sophisticated and flexible system available that supports organizational corporate governance strategies in the quickly evolving emissions market. Commodity XL for Emissions tracks position by installation, business line, company, country or any other hierarchical level enabling identification of any shortfalls or surpluses in compliance position. This ensures timely and accurate reporting to regulatory bodies. Commodity XL for Emissions provides what-if scenario analysis to optimize abatement strategies, fuel switching alternatives and trading programs.

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