Commodity XL for eConfirm

Solution for electronic and fax confirmation matching

Commodity XL for eConfirm – Confirmation Matching Software for European Power and Gas Markets

Person eConfirmAre delays in confirmation matching causing inaccurate position and exposure information to feed into your risk management decisions?

Does corporate governance demand a reduction in the number of days confirmations are outstanding?

Is your current confirmation-archiving system auditable, easily traceable, and able to protect against counterparty system failure?

  • Commodity XL for eConfirm provides European power and gas markets with the complete solution to automate both electronic and fax trade confirmations in one system. Electronic confirmations are matched in accordance with EFET standards.”

Business Intelligence

  • Make better risk management decisions with real-time confirmation matching
  • Match confirmations electronically for all trade types
  • Gain an accurate view of position and risk
  • Reduce workload and re-focus resources on the business
  • Eliminate data delays and improve communication between counterparties

Integrated Operations

  • Manage electronic and fax confirmations in one system
  • Run software alongside any ETRM system
  • Migrate smoothly from fax to eCM for new EFET commodities/trade types
  • Add new communication standards with plug-in adapters
  • Use browser-based system with ease

Compliance & Control

  • Ensure electronic confirmations comply with evolving EFET standards
  • Reduce operational risk through automation and improved data quality
  • Store all confirmations in one system
  • Gain control with auditable and traceable system
  • Manage business operations more efficiently

Automate All Trade Confirmations

Commodity XL for eConfirm™ is a revolutionary confirmation matching solution that extends Triple Point’s straight-through processing capability to connect European energy traders with suppliers and customers from trade inception to cash settlement. The browser-based solution suite is the only system to automate all trade confirmations — both electronic and fax — in one, comprehensive and paperless system. All electronic trade confirmations are automatically matched in accordance with standards set by the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET). The electronic matching system confirms commodity OTC transactions in real time, greatly reducing operational risk. eConfirm provides a central document exchange and confirmation matching independent from ETRM specifics. The advanced system works with all counterparties, brokers, commodities, and trade types covered by energy trading and risk management (ETRM) systems and is KEMA certified.

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