Commodity XL for Credit Risk

Comprehensive exposure, collateral and counterparty management

Commodity XL for Credit Risk

Person Credit Risk Management

Are you protecting your financial stability with an up-to-the-minute perspective of credit exposure and liquidity?

Is an error-prone collateral management process giving you a false view of liquidity and exposure?

Does your credit risk system have the added accountability, auditability and internal controls required to comply with increasing regulatory disclosure requirements?

  • Commodity XL for Credit Risk™ enables companies to coordinate counterparties, collateral, credit exposure and analysis across the entire enterprise…”

Business Intelligence

  • Maintain accurate collateral positions with counterparties
  • Generate multiple concurrent calculations of credit exposure to fit user needs
  • Model complex limit structures, counterparties, commodities and hierarchies
  • View credit risk concentrations by commodity, deal type, industry sector, credit rating, country, etc.

Integrated Operations

  • Drill down through various levels of aggregated exposure to individual transactions
  • Calculate contractually accurate collateral and liquidity obligations
  • Store collateral thresholds, independent amounts, percentage of exposure and rating matrices, etc. from contract provisions
  • Automate the margin call process
  • Record contracts, addresses and bank account information

Compliance & Control

  • Comply with regulatory disclosure requirements
  • Produce detailed audit trail
  • Provide enterprise-wide consolidation of counterparty information
  • Generate hierarchical view of counterparty/subsidiary legal structures and commitments
  • Support configurable counterparty review workflow

Commodity XL for Credit Risk

Commodity XL for Credit Risk proactively measures, manages and mitigates the risk arising from counterparty default. Comprehensive exposure, collateral and counterparty management ensure your organization has an accurate and timely view of liquidity and exposure, and that business risks are converted into growth opportunities.  Commodity XL for Credit Risk offers a single, streamlined solution built specifically for the unique credit risk business requirements facing market leaders today.


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