Commodity XL for Credit Analytics

Commodity XL for Credit Analytics

Commodity XL for Credit Analytics

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Do you have the systems in place to forecast, evaluate, and respond to market uncertainties?

Are you able to accurately forecast credit events?

Do you rely on limited data and manual processes to make critical strategic decisions?

Can you calculate potential future exposure within a given confidence level?

  • Commodity XL for Credit Analytics™ models Potential Future Exposure (PFE) resulting in more effective and proactive decision making.”

Business Intelligence

  • Create customized scenarios based on economic downturns, adverse market events, or liquidity shocks
  • Identify high risk events and the impact of potential ‘blow ups’
  • Enhance credit decision making with data-driven insights and uncover new business opportunities

Integrated Operations

  • View multiple deal types including Forwards, Fixed Price, Index Priced, Swaps, Futures, Physical and Financial
  • Calculate credit reserve requirements accurately and efficiently
  • Drill-down to specific counterparty and deal via dynamic graphical display

Compliance & Control

  • Measure Maximum Exposure with a 95% confidence interval for a given counterparty for a user defined time period


  • Understand working capital needs with a clear picture of your likely exposures and expected losses

Commodity XL for Credit Analytics

Triple Point’s Commodity XL for Credit Analytics models stress scenarios (percent, absolute, and relative price movements) and statistical simulations (Monte-Carlo Potential Future Exposure (PFE).  By applying full contract netting/margining terms and default probabilities, the system delivers contractually accurate results.

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