Commodity XL for Coal

Handles all aspects of the coal market

Commodity XL – Coal Trading Software

Coal PersonCan I control costs through every step of the coal supply chain?

Do I have real-time data to optimize my choices?

Will my system comply with increasingly stringent regulations?

  • Commodity XL for Coal™ delivers results for the coal market…”

Business Intelligence

  • Combine physical and financial reporting
  • Apply ‘What if’ analyses to make better trades
  • Gather all business operations into one central data repository
  • Measure exposure in real-time
  • Monitor ancillary costs of coal movements

Integrated Operations

  • Interface seamlessly with existing coal blending systems
  • Integrate trading with scheduling and settlements
  • See changes in risk and credit positions immediately
  • Take action based on price changes anywhere in the world
  • Eliminate silos of information

Compliance & Control

  • Monitor and control all movements and ancillary costs
  • Allow all movements to flow freely in and out of trading and risk management processes
  • Attach premium and penalty costs to coal shipments
  • Generate exact financial position measurement and reports
  • Achieve full regulatory compliance with corporate controls

Benefit from Full Support for Every Coal Trading Operation

With the right software solution for coal in place, executives and managers have the means to make smarter, better decisions. The company overall improves measurement of risk and timely actions concerning price, volume, operations. Streamline the entire value chain including supply, trading, marketing, physical operations, transportation, logistics, inventory and storage. Executives are satisfied that corporate accounting and controls will support full regulatory compliance. Triple Point helps capture more profit opportunities for coal traders than ever before.

Include Physical Scheduling in your coal trading solution.
Triple Point delivers on next-generation architecture – read what that means for you.

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