Commodity XL for Biofuels

Effectively manage the emerging agriculture-energy complex

Commodity XL – Biofuels Trading Software

Biofuels PersonCan your company manage the new risks and supply chain complexities involved in the rapidly escalating global market for biofuels?

Are you able to analyze energy yield equivalent curves to profitably hedge biofuel inputs and outputs?

Does your system handle all financial and physical trading, risk, scheduling and logistics on a single, next-generation, enterprise-wide platform?

  • Commodity XL for Biofuels™ sets the industry standard for biofuel trading, risk and supply chain management…”

Business Intelligence

  • Profitably hedge biofuel inputs & outputs
  • Aggregate & analyze risk across multiple agricultural & energy commodities
  • View multiple commodity positions in real-time
  • Combine physical & financial reporting
  • Manage the relationships between agriculture, crude oil & refined biofuel products

Integrated Operations

  • Optimize the entire biofuel supply chain – from farm procurement to marketing & delivery
  • Easily & accurately model new, complex trade types & deal structures
  • Analyze energy yield equivalent curves for precise hedge quantities in spot & forward markets
  • Utilize straight-through processing to integrate physical & financial trading, scheduling & back office
  • Manage all commodities in standard formats

Compliance & Control

  • Maintain detailed audit trails
  • Perform sensitivity analysis & stress tests
  • Execute corporate accounting & controls with full regulatory compliance
  • Tightly manage counterparty credit
  • Precisely manage cash flow & profitability

Profitably Manage Agricultural Feedstocks & Biofuel Outputs

Commodity XL for Biofuels is engineered specifically to address the rapidly escalating global market for renewable energy fuels and their feedstocks. Capitalize on Triple Point’s proven track record in managing both agricultural/soft commodities and energy commodities on a single, next-generation platform. Precisely manage biofuel risk. Profitably hedge the relationship between feedstocks and outputs. Optimize the use and profitability of all supply chain assets – while streamlining the entire physical and financial process from purchase of feedstock to sale and delivery of biofuel end-product. Capture the keys to profit opportunities – and profitable operations – like never before.

To learn more, read our Biofuels Solution Brief.

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