The Commercial Chartering & Vessel Operations Solution

Manage chartering, post-fixture activities, and freight risk

The Commercial Chartering & Vessel Operations Solution – Softmar Chartering and VesselOps

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Operations and Freight Risk Management

With roughly 90 percent of the world’s traded goods transported by sea, the ability for ship owners, operators, and charterers to control the cost and risk of transporting commodities is critical. Yet industry surveys show that many companies are still attempting to manage chartering and vessel operations with spreadsheets. This creates information silos and presents greater risk of error.

In today’s volatile marketplace, complete transparency and fast access to actionable information is the difference between sinking and swimming. Shipping companies wishing to operate with a complete picture of enterprise position and exposure must deploy an advanced software solution for chartering, vessel operations, and risk management. This enables organizations to make better decisions with accurate and real-time information exchange.

The Chartering and Vessel Operations Solution

Voyage Estimating

Softmar Chartering and VesselOps™ is a next generation shipping solution that analyzes any combination of cargoes, vessels, load, and discharge operations on a voyage and/or Time Charter (TC) relet basis. Unlike time-intensive and error-prone spreadsheets, the solution automatically analyzes potential profit or loss before making an agreement to transport cargo.

Vessel Operations

Chartering and VesselOps effectively manages all post-fixture activities of a commercial operation. It enables operators to keep track of day-to-day operations: arrival, departure, loading, discharging, bunkering, and disbursement accounting. Voyage results are updated in real-time as new information is entered.

Freight Risk Management

Chartering and VesselOps analyzes position including vessels, Forward Freight Agreements, Contracts of Affreightment, cargo bookings, cargo relets, and options. The solution displays a consolidated view of total physical and paper freight risk exposure, mark-to-market analysis, and long/short position. It also manages bunker exposure by combining the exposure from physical contracts and bunker swaps.

Softmar Chartering & VesselOps – The Complete Solution for Shipping Companies

Chartering and VesselOps enables the commercial maritime community to make more informed and proactive decisions, streamline day-to-day operations, and protect profits by providing fast access to actionable information. It may be integrated with Commodity XL®, Triple Point’s flagship platform for commodity trading and risk management.

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