The Coal Commodity Management Solution

Manage position, risk, physical movement, and accounting

The Coal Commodity Management Solution –
Commodity XL

Coal Industry

Commodity Trading and Risk Management

Coal fulfills many important needs worldwide, with its most significant uses in electricity generation, steel production, cement manufacturing, and as a liquid fuel. Coal is transported internationally and nationally by ship and rail.

Coal prices have become much more volatile over the last decade due to a variety of factors such as regulatory restrictions and reserve depletion. Natural longs (producers) and natural shorts (utilities/consumers) enter trades to reduce risk; they require the appropriate commodity management solution to optimally manage their portfolio.

The Coal ETRM Solution


Commodity XL for Coal™ provides complete control over trading operations. With Commodity XL traders can better manage current positions and gain real-time information to take advantage of market movement. Commodity XL integrates physical and financial trading, improves trading efficiencies with deal entry templates/blotters, provides sensitivity analysis, and enables “what-if” scenarios.

Price Risk Management

Commodity XL provides sophisticated tools for portfolio stress testing and sensitivity analysis to run what-if trades. Commodity XL analyzes real-time position and exposure — market, volumetric, credit, delivery, and FX risk — at granular and rolled-up levels for optimized price risk management.

Supply Chain Optimization
Triple Point’s QMASTOR solutions drive bottom line improvements by enabling mining companies to achieve optimized, efficient, and effective coal and mineral supply chains. QMASTOR products manage the tonnage, quality, and value of coal and minerals from “pit” to the point of export or consumption. They help companies reduce operational, logistical, marketing, and commercial costs by optimising and automating the management of complex supply chains that include multiple mines, stockpiles, transport legs/modes, and ports.

Chartering and Vessel Operations

Chartering and VesselOps™ provides the leading software for owners, operators, and charterers to manage commercial chartering and vessel operations. Chartering and VesselOps efficiently handles all chartering, post-fixture activities including freight risk management, and financial aspects of commercial vessel operations.

Counterparty Credit Risk Management

Commodity XL for Credit Risk proactively measures, manages, and mitigates the risk arising from counterparty default. The solution addresses the entire credit risk process with a full range of credit analysis and operational tools in 3 key areas: exposure, collateral, and counterparty management.

Hedge Accounting

Commodity XL for Hedge Accounting™ manages the daunting set of requirements under hedge accounting regulations, including the detailed testing, documentation, and reporting that must be performed in order to qualify for hedge accounting status. The solution ensures full compliance with ASC 815 (FAS 133), ASC 815-10 (FAS 161), IAS 39 (IFRS 9) and similar national hedge accounting regulations.

Fair Value Disclosure

Commodity XL for Fair Value Disclosure™ provides the tools and framework to define, measure, and manage fair value levels and meet all disclosure requirements for ASC 820 (FAS 157) and IFRS 7 compliance.


Commodity XL for Emissions™ manages the full scope of emissions trading and management across all regulatory and compliance schemes on a multi-commodity platform.

Compliance and Control

Commodity XL provides one version of the ‘numbers’ across divisions, products, and geographies and documents every change to the system for audit purposes.

Commodity XL for Coal – The Complete Solution for the Coal Industry

Commodity XL provides an enterprise view of position and risk for increased transparency and manages multiple commodities on an integrated platform. It delivers superior, real-time business intelligence for proactive decision-making and competitive advantage.

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