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Triple Point and Oracle Deliver Record Performance Levels

Commodity XL is Optimized for Oracle Engineered Systems

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Do you have rapid access to accurate data for risk and scenario analysis?

Does your trading and risk management solution deliver optimum speed, scalability, and reliability?

Do you have the real-time tools needed to mitigate commodity risk exposure?

  • Oracle and Triple Point enable business innovation through performance…”

Tested & Optimized

  • Leverage seamless integration with Oracle Engineered Systems
  • Experience optimum speed, scalability, and reliability
  • Witness 8.5x faster performance than other top-of-the-line architectures

Advanced, Integrated System

  • Rely on certification in Oracle labs
  • Count on “extreme” performance
  • Leverage validated Exadata and Exalogic Optimized solutions

Proven Performance

  • Experience record performance levels for massive trade portfolios
  • See fast end-of-day processing times for high transaction volumes
  • Accelerate risk and scenario assessments

Triple Point and Oracle Provide Unparalleled Performance

Unprecedented volatility and complexity in today’s commodity markets is triggering earnings uncertainty that makes it difficult to run a profitable business. To be successful, companies need advanced solutions that empower smarter, faster decision making by rapidly analyzing the huge quantities of data generated by day-to-day operations.

Together, Triple Point and Oracle deliver the real-time tools needed to mitigate commodity risk by delivering trading, risk management, and business intelligence tools on a lightning-fast hardware platform.  Triple Point’s Commodity XL trading and risk management solution achieved Oracle Exadata Optimized and Oracle Exalogic Optimized status after extensive testing which demonstrated record performance levels for the valuation of massively large and complex commodity trade portfolios.

Oracle Exalogic OptimizedOracle Exadata Optimized

The Only Commodity Management Software Vendor to Achieve Optimized Status

Triple Point is the only Commodity Management (CM) software vendor to achieve Oracle Exadata Optimized and Oracle Exalogic Optimized status. This means that Commodity XL is the only CM solution that has been tuned at Oracle labs to deliver optimum speed, scalability, and reliability when used in conjunction with both the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud. Commodity XL is fully supported by and ready to run with Oracle Engineered Systems.

Oracle Exadata and Commodity XL® Commodity SL™ demonstrate record performance levels

Triple Point has achieved Oracle Exadata Optimized and Oracle Exalogic Optimized status for its Commodity XL and Commodity SL trading and risk management platforms. The Oracle Exastack Optimized Program shows our valued mutual customers that Triple Point has tested its applications at the Oracle Exastack Labs and that their applications have been tuned to deliver optimum speed, scalability, and reliability.

  • Triple Point’s customers include some of the largest commodity organizations in the world. They manage huge amounts of data and expect the best performance in the areas of query response times and batch reporting. Since Oracle Exadata is designed for extreme performance, collaborating with Triple Point for the study made perfect sense.”Chris Baker
    Senior Vice President Worldwide ISV and OEM Sales, Oracle
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