Revenue Chart

For those of you who follow Triple Point news, you might have recently seen that Triple Point recorded record revenue for 2010. Following our recent announcement, Dr. Gary M. Vasey of CommodityPoint posted this blog with some interesting observations on Triple Point’s growth over the last three years and his perspective on how Triple Point has found success in a difficult industry.

Gary points out that, “a quick review of the company’s previous years announcements shows that Triple Point is successfully growing on a consistent basis recording 21 new clients in 2008, 36 in 2009 and 41 in 2010. Additionally, the company has seen recurring software revenue growth of 72% in 2008, 55% in 2009 and 37% in 2010 as well as growth in profits each year.”

Everyone at Triple Point is very proud of our growth over the past 3 years and our record revenue in 2010, especially in the face of the recent financial crisis. In addition to our record-setting revenue in 2010, we also charted record profits and software sales driven by product innovation, new market penetration, and strong customer support.

2010 Highlights from the recent announcement include:

–        41 new customers signed

–        52% year-over-year EBITDA growth

–        64 customer go lives

–        105 new license transactions

–        500% year-over-year customer growth in EMEA; 400% in EMEA

In case you missed the announcement, you can read the full announcement here.

I fully expect 2011 to be another record setting year for Triple Point as companies across a wide variety of industries like mining, transportation, industrial manufacturing, consumer products, food & beverage, fuel marketing, petroleum refining, oil & gas production, chemicals, commodity trading, financial services, gas marketing, and electric utilities look to purchase technology solutions to tackle mounting commodity management issues.

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