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Are you prepared for the sweeping regulatory changes brought on by the Financial Reform Bill? The new financial reform law is not isolated to just banks and will dramatically alter the landscape of energy and commodity trading and hedging.

Triple Point recently hosted a webinar on the Dodd-Frank Act and what you can do now to prepare for the new regulatory requirements.  In case you missed you live webinar, here is a link to download the webinar and view at your convenience.

In this webinar, Michel Zadoroznyj, Vice President of Product Center, Treasury and Regulatory Compliance Division at Triple Point, discussed how the Dodd-Frank Act will impact the future of energy trading, who will be affected by the new rules and the implementation timeline.  Additionally, all attendees learned 8 steps to ensure you have the IT and reporting infrastructure in place to handle new rules on position limits, central clearing, margining and more.

To hear the 8 Steps to Prepare for the Dodd-Frank and learn more about the sweeping regulatory changes, download the webinar below.

Webinar Image