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Every two years, ComTech Advisory conducts the Vendor Perception study and produces a report on how vendors are perceived in the market. We encourage you to participate in this year’s short survey and support the ION community.


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Voices like yours help validate ION’s leading market position with the most comprehensive collection of commodity trading and risk management software solutions available anywhere.

ION Commodities Leads the Market

ION Commodities is proud to lead the commodity management software market with:

  • 1,200 customers
  • 30,000 users
  • 5,750 employees

Our leading CTRM solutions — including Openlink, Allegro, Aspect, RightAngle, and TriplePoint — have won several awards, recently including:

The ComTech Advisory study is a short survey and takes less than 6 minutes. The study will be open until the end of May, so please make sure you fill it out before then if you intend to participate.

Thank you for taking time to vote, and please let us know if you have any questions.

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