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TerminalSteve Maxwell recently presented at Dry Cargo’s Bulk Ports, Terminals and Logistics 2012 Conference in Amsterdam. It was a lively and interactive session that demonstrated how organizations can optimize decision making and deliver substantial cost savings by integrating terminal operations on a common technology platform.

With numerous partners and resources the bulk terminal supply chain is very complex. Consumers, suppliers, vessel owners/charterers and agents, maintenance planners and transportation providers all need to record and exchange large amounts of data while managing their unique business processes. Despite these challenges, many terminal organizations are still attempting to manage their supply chain with inadequate spreadsheets that cause process inefficiencies, errors, and poor decision making that lead to lost profits and operational risk.

The only way to fully mitigate these risks is to implement integrated terminal management systems which bring together information systems, business processes and people to provide end-to-end visibility into operations. Once up and running, key benefits of such systems include:

  • Resource optimization
  • Increased terminal throughput
  • Reduced demurrage and transportation penalties
  • Commodity quality management
  • Visibility through real time accurate information
  • Improved information workflow and stakeholder self service
  • Reduced operational security and compliance risk
  • One version of the truth across the supply chain

Integrated bulk terminal management is rapidly beng adopted by the industry as best practice. In Accenture’s report on Transformation to Enable High Performance in Ports they stated, “In this battle for a growing but increasingly demanding market, the winners will be ports that can manage terminal performance holistically.”

Triple Point’s QMASTOR PortVu solution is an award integrated bulk terminal management system that is being used by organizations such as Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group and Westshore. The solution manages the complexities of stockyards, inter-modal transportation, and vessels while ensuring equipment is scheduled and utilized efficiently. PortVu integrates terminal operations with suppliers, customers, transport providers, agents, laboratories, and other partners through the use of a common platform.

Read more about Triple Point’s QMASTOR PortVu solution.

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