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Innovative Ideas and Thought Leadership for Volatile Commodity Marketplace Bulk Carriers (HBC) has licensed Triple Point’s chartering and vessel operations software to manage pre- and post-fixture activities for transporting dry bulk commodities, including coal, aluminum, petroleum coke, fertilizer, cement, clinker, scrap, grain, steel, pig-iron, and ore.

 Founded in 1999, HBC transports an average of 6 million tons of cargo a year. In recent years the company has chartered over 500 vessels from Handysize to Panamax size.

“Triple Point’s chartering and vessel operations software provides HBC with the functional depth and breadth to profitably manage operations, including voyage estimating, post-fix operations, and bunker procurement,” said Michael Lolk Larsen, managing director, chartering and vessel operations, Triple Point. “Triple Point is proud to include HBC as a shipping customer and looks forward to supporting future growth.”

Triple Point is successfully claiming market share with a diverse group of commodity participants, energy companies, industrial manufacturers, CP companies, and ship owners/operators that have selected Triple Point to manage the supply and distribution of commodities via ocean-going vessel, including: Bunge, Louis Dreyfus, Transgrain (Nidera), Olam International, Glencore, Gunvor International B.V., Hindustan Petroleum-Mittal Energy, SAB Miller, Petredec Limited, Prime East Shipping, Berge Bulk, Beluga, United Arab Chemical Carriers (UACC), and U-Sea Bulk.

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