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Commodity XL for Enhanced Disclosures

Commodity XL for Enhanced Disclosures is a complete solution for ASC 815-10 (FAS 161). It identifies and reports enhanced fair value disclosures for derivative instruments and hedging activity, allowing you to greatly reduce the time and cost required to achieve compliance with both ASC 815 (FAS 133) and ASC 815-10 (FAS 161). 

Here are highlights of what you'll learn:

  • How to ensure compliance with ASC 815-10 (FAS 161) with robust tools to define, measure, and manage fair values on the balance sheet and income statement
  • How key business benefits help streamline operations, reduce operational risk, and ensure compliance with ASC 815-10 (FAS 161)
  • Key product features including fair value accounting reports, summary of derivative instruments by hedge designation and hedge type and comparative year-over-year results

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