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Commodity and Energy Trading and Risk Management News Room - 2010

30 November 2010
220% Revenue Growth Over Five Years Attributed to Innovation, Breadth and Depth of Solution Suite, and Rapid Global Expansion
1 October 2010
Leading Precious Metals Software for Banks Participating in Physical Bullion Markets Captures Non-Banking Market
21 September 2010
Examines How the Recently Passed Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act Will Change How Energy Companies Conduct Trading and Hedging Operations
10 September 2010
Adds 13 New Customers and Expands License of 13 Current Customers
9 September 2010
Follows Recent Release of European Gas to Deliver Leading Gas and Power Solution for the UK and Continental European Markets
2 July 2010
Third Major Gas Customer to Choose Solution in 90 Day Period
1 July 2010
Capitalizes on Recent Acquisition of Enerbility in Conjunction with Newly Developed Functionality to Provide Ground-Breaking Solution for European Gas Markets
28 June 2010
Adds Six New Licenses Since the Acquisition of Softmar
1 June 2010
Joins Growing Group of Manufacturing Companies to Choose Triple Point to Manage Commodity Price Volatility and Sourcing
27 May 2010
Drives Efficiencies in Cargo Management for Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, Grains, and Other Bulk Commodities
12 May 2010
Validates Triple Point’s Strategy to Integrate Vessel Operations with Commodity Trading and Risk Management
29 April 2010
Only Platform with Breadth, Depth, and Flexibility to Manage Complex Commodities Business
28 April 2010
Supports Exponential Growth of Customer Base Across All Regions
27 April 2010
Triple Point Continues Asia-Pacific Expansion by Supporting New Trading Division for #1 Supplier of Fertilizers in Australia
20 April 2010
Enterprise Platform Chosen to Support Business Complexity and Rapid Growth
13 April 2010
Ranked First for Ability to Execute and Second for Completeness of Vision
18 March 2010
Examines Emerging Market Hazards, Critical New Requirements, and Integration Best Practices for Top-Tier Enterprise Risk Management Platforms
24 February 2010
Solution-Of-Choice for Energy Companies Seeking End-To-End Integrated Platform
3 February 2010
Financial Results Fueled by Product Innovation and New Market Penetration
19 January 2010
Connects Energy Traders with Suppliers and Customers in Real Time to Reduce Operational Risk; Provides Automated and Seamless Flow of Data from Business to Business
11 January 2010
Adds Leading Chartering, Vessel Operations, and Freight Rate Risk Management Solution to Product Portfolio; Uniquely Addresses Complex Shipping Requirements of Commodity Traders, Suppliers, Producers, and Marketers
5 January 2010
A Solution with Functional Breadth to Manage Unique Challenges of Crude and Gas Operations