Commodity XL for Contract Management

Optimize your obligations

Commodity XL for Contract Management 

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Do you have a centralized contract repository?

Can you integrate contract terms from multiple systems (ETRM, ERP, Treasury)?

Are you able to automatically optimize your contract obligations and create more profitable agreements?

  • Commodity XL for Contract Management™ provides contractually accurate exposure and liquidity obligations."

Business Intelligence

  • Utilize a clause library of approved language and standardized contract templates and forms
  • Perform full-text keyword searches of business terms and attachments 
  • Generate on-demand reports with easy -to-use graphical report builder
  • Leverage existing contracts to gain competitive advantage in negotiating new agreements and consolidating existing agreements with the best terms

Integrated Operations

  • Create, author, and edit contracts with seamless Microsoft Word integration
  • Cleanse and load existing contracts into  the contract repository
  • Generate alerts and email notifications based on contract dates, expirations, renewals, key date information, and approvals
  • Store and manage all netting agreements, guarantees, letters of credit and other legal agreements in one place

Compliance & Control

  • Eliminate costly contract record errors with a web-based central contract repository, accessible by all departments
  • Automate contract monitoring and reconciliation to identify profit opportunities and cost savings
  • Manage reconciliation and compliance against key business terms
  • Audit all contract actions and events including the change, the user, and timestamp

Commodity XL for Contract Management

Commodity XL for Contract Management manages the entire contract lifecycle, from contract authoring, negotiation, and approval, through contract execution, on-going obligations management, contract amendment, and renewal. All contracts are available electronically, streamlining critical business functions and enabling companies to gain visibility into risks, increase revenue, and cut costs. 

Provide contractually accurate exposure and liquidity obligations.

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