Algosys Bilmat

Data Reconciliation and Material Balancing

Algosys Bilmat – Accurate and Timely Data Reconciliation

Asian business man smiling Do you struggle with inaccurate measurements and unmeasured values?

Can you pinpoint material loss locations?

Do you need greater insight into plant performance?

  • Bilmat is a powerful and proven engine for data reconciliation by material balancing"



Business Intelligence

  • Provide a single view of production
  • Identify location of metal losses
  • Optimize overall plant performance and recovery
  • Know and trust the quality of your information
  • Design efficient sampling strategies

Integrated Operations

  • Analyze measurements
  • Detect gross errors and biases
  • Access from Excel with custom Bilmat template
  • Monitor accuracy of reconciliation results
  • Reconcile data faster

Compliance & Control

  • Evaluate quality of material balance calculation
  • Estimate the most probable value of variables that are not measured
  • Calculate standard deviation for reconciled and estimated values
  • Monitor key performance indicators daily
  • Ensure compliance

Algosys Bilmat

Bilmat reconciles production data, adjusts measurements according to a statistical model of measurement errors, and estimates the most probable value of variables that are not measured. The Bilmat engine includes a complete suite of statistical tools that facilitates the analysis of measurements, detects gross errors and biases, and evaluates the quality of the calculated material balance. With more than 200 licenses in operation worldwide, Bilmat improves the quality of process variable values in metallurgical accounting systems, process surveys, process simulation projects. Additionaly, the solution helps evaluate daily key performance indicators.

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