Commodity Management

SAP and Triple Point Innovate the Commodity Supply Chain


Commodity and Energy Trading, Procurement and
Risk Management Software for SAP Environments

SAP Commodity Guy Do future profit opportunities lie in the supply chain?

Do you have real-time visibility into all positions?

Are you spending too much on integration projects when you should be investing in new functions?

  • SAP and Triple Point's co-developed commodity supply chain solution – Commodity Management – provides what you need..."

Best-of-Breed Functionality

  • Triple Point's real-time trading and risk management systems
  • SAP's logistics and back-office applications
  • State-of-the-art, common technology platform

Guaranteed Integration

  • Fully tested integration works out-of-the-box
  • Integration maintained for new releases
  • Guaranteed by SAP

Upgrade Path

  • Triple Point clients have a clear upgrade path available to the joint solution
  • Available at any time — whenever it makes business sense
  • Common maintenance program

SAP and Triple Point: Co-Development Partners

Commodity Management utilizes best-of-breed components from both Triple Point's Commodity SL and the SAP ERP application and optimizes profits across the commodities supply chain. More than 100,000 development hours and millions of dollars have been invested in Commodity Management, eliminating the need for custom integration and providing the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Triple Point's commodity and energy trading and risk application is a SAP-endorsed business solution. While there are thousands of solutions available that have achieved Powered by SAP NetWeaver® status, Triple Point Commodity SL is one of only 18 SAP-endorsed business solutions worldwide and is the only solution endorsed by SAP in the commodity trading and risk management area.

The growth in commodity demand, market volatility and complexity, and an increase in regulatory and legislative controls have resulted in a need from increasingly correlated markets to deploy a multi-commodity, enterprise platform solution."
SAP selected Triple Point due to its rich industry solution experience with commodity supply, trading, marketing and logistics while understanding our customers' needs to manage risks in commodity trading. Its solution is integrated with the SAP business process platform, leveraging the enterprise service-oriented architecture and enterprise services, which significantly reduces the costs and risks of integration for our joint customers."

Peter Maier,
Senior Vice President of ISM Process Industries, SAP AG

Joint Solution Fully Integrates Real-Time Market-Based Financials with Logistical Movements

SAP and Triple Point's joint solution seamlessly integrates Triple Point's real-time trading and risk management functionality with SAP's logistics and back-office applications -- out-of-the-box.

The solution is offered for power, oil, gas, coal, metals, agricultural products, biofuels and freight.

With the joint solution, organizations that have already squeezed most efficiencies from operating assets, such as refineries, will be able to get at the next untapped source of increased margins, which will come from optimizing the supply chain.

Market leaders that have selected the SAP and Triple Point joint solution include General Mills, CITGO, Unilever,  Evonik Industries, Tesoro, and Saras.

Optimize the Supply Chain

Know where profit opportunities lie at each node in the supply chain. Combine real-time financial valuations with physical movements to decide whether to move material, buy, sell, or hedge. Take advantage of real-time data and act right away. Choose SAP or Triple Point scheduling tools. Streamline the entire value chain -- supply, trading, marketing, and scheduling. Make smarter, better decisions, faster. Realize more profits. SAP Commodity Management

With Commodity Management, Triple Point and SAP provide the full range of front- to- back-office support for commodity supply chains.
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